Mz Lynx

Now For EME’s Newest Artist…

“To me , Self Love is where it all begins”

A Hip Hop extraordinaire/Motivator, Mz Lynx is the newest Ethical Music Ent artist. A very warm sound with intriguing wordplay is what Mz Lynx is known for. Born in Florida, raised in the city of brotherly love, Mz Lynx is making noise throughout the tri state. She has even been featured on MTV’s Rapfix Live segment called “Get In The Game.” Her interview with Sway, Eve and SHeek Louch (The Lox) caught the attention of listeners all over. Mz Lynx has an affinity towards her latin roots, having participated in many Latin Festivals. Her mission is simply to empower young women to love themselves. Her upcoming Album “Self Love” focuses on her journey of learning to love herself. She is hoping to spread this message and influence not only her fans, but new listeners as well. Philly’s best kept secret is ready to make a difference in the female rap industry with a positive force and feel good music!

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  • Your future is limitless young king.  #1stSunRise
  • Think I'm a hit @hipcityveg later for my shake ... 🙂
  • A silent , focused woman is who will make the biggest move.  #HappyThursday 💋
  • Definitely not a gambler .  But investing in yourself is one of the most productive risks you can take. Push yourself everyday to be a better version of the person you were yesterday. You got to believe that you can be great.  Have a positive mind and you'll see positive outcomes.  Be willing to bet on yourself every single day.  Be willing to face fears & experience growth!  Go start that business .  Go buy that property,  Go volunteer to give back to your community.  Be Great.  Let's spread Love , Not hate. ❤️ #love #peace #betonyourself #takehealthyrisks #believe #dreambig #gambleonyourdreams
  • #BunLife 🙆🏼
  • & when you do grow (because You Will) teach others how to succeed as well.  #TeachOneEachOne #LetsHelpEachotherGrow #LetUsBeGreat #BetterYourMind #SatisfyYourSoul
  • This is very important to remember, here's why.... often times we tell ourselves that we made wrong decisions or we invested time in the wrong thing or person.  The fact is ... everything we experience has a lesson tied to it.  It is your responsibility to find the lesson, think about it and then learn from it.  This is essential to our growth.  Nothing you've done in your life was a waste of time.  It made you the person you are right now.
  • The one who keeps me going.  It's me and you until the end. You are a growing into a young king with a bright future.  I'll continue to ensure you know how to treat not only women, but people in general, with respect. There's nothin like a mom and son bond. #Motherslove #KingAJ #mybookie #TheGreatestSonEver #ImBlessed
  • For those who are close to me know I've been dedicating myself to this #Vegan lifestyle and so far it's been nothing but amazing.  No More Meat. Don't know why I didn't start sooner but what matters is now.  My skin is clearing up,  my energy is higher & My body is transforming nicely.  #StayFit #Eatclean #HealthisWealth #TransformYourself #ChangeisGood
  • Hey Big Head. 👋🏽
  • Me too @neyo , Me too. 🙌🏽 #changeisgood
  • #HasToBeTrue #KanyeShrug #WhoisGhost 🤷🏼‍♀️